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Easy Christmas Crafts & Gifts

This was one of my favorite gifts I received last year. Mainly because I loved the idea and I hadn't seen it before! This is simply vinyl lettering, on a shower block, with a bow tied around it. I think this would also be great with "Let it Snow!".

My girlfriend painted this for me last year. She simply painted a block of wood cream and then painted on some stain and then wiped it off. She used a template to stencil on "believe". Simple yet so cute. Anyone have a cute story to with this "believe"? That would make the gift perfect.

Both my boys made these Reindeer foot print and hand print pillows at their pre-school. They love it when I get them out every year. This would be a fun craft to do with the kiddos and a great grandparent gift.

I cracked up when my son brought this home last year! It's a reindeer made out of pantyhose and a hanger! Can you believe how simple and cute this craft is. They did it during the Christmas party at school. So all of you room moms out there - here's a fun craft idea.

I really like this little snowman. Mainly because I made him myself and because he' seriously so efficient. The two small boxes and all the decor store in the larger box. I made this at a Super Saturday craft day at my church. The cone nose is held on with a Velcro dot. Very inventive.

This was the first handmade gift I had ever received! I was so impressed and felt so loved, that I've been making these wall quilts ever since. I'm a basic sewer and I can do it. It's straight stitches and then iron everything else on.

This wall quilt pattern, Christmas Cheer, comes in a set of 3 for $7. I LOVE the manger one as well. They are easier than they look, I promise, and it will make a huge impression on anyone you give this too. They'll think you spent weeks on it. ;)

A couple years ago I made 3 of these "Here Comes Santa" Advent Calenders. I know, I was crazy!! Luckily I started in July. ;) If you're looking for a big gift to make someone this is perfect. I love getting mine out every year, it means so much to me.