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Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

Christmas Tree Advent Calendar (with ornaments on)

Make this great wooden tree advent calendar. An advent is a way of marking the days until Christmas, start on December 1st.

Print out the file and you will find 25 poems and stories for each of the symbols of Christmas associated with the wood Advent Tree. All ready to cut out and attach!

Directions: Every day until Christmas, starting December 1st put a piece on the Tree. You don’t have to go in any particular order. Find the card that goes with that piece and read it. On the bottom of the cards are some ideas you can do each day.

Christmas Day Will Soon Be Here!

Christmas days will soon be here
And I can hardly wait;
I’ve made this little Christmas TREE
To help you celebrate!

Each day choose one thing
To help you remember.
That happy, happy Christmas day
The 25th of December.

Please put this tree where all can see
The symbols of the season.
And when you reach the very last piece
It will be Christmas Day!

Christmas Tree Advent Calendar (with ornaments off)

The Magic of Christmas

The magic of Christmas is so many things...
A holly wreath and a Church bell that rings.
A tree all a-glitter, a candle’s soft glow
And moonlight reflected on new-fallen snow.

A kitchen’s aurora of sugar and spice,
Bright packages wrapped up so pretty and nice.
Red stockings o’erflowing with candy and toys
And hung by the fireplace for good girls and boys.

The magic of Christmas is good everywhere -
Sweet voices of carolers upon frosted air.
The jingle of sleigh bells across hill and vale.
Glad ring of the postman delivering the mail.

Good friends dropping in and the laughter so gay
Store windows decked out with delightful display.
Dear Santa Clause chuckling his faded ‘HO HO HO!’
And little tots whispering as Santa bends low.

The magic of Christmas is so many things…
A candlelit church and choir that sings
The being together with people we love
Belief that the Christmas star still shines above.

The caring and giving and goodwill towards men,
The Christ Child reborn in our hearts once again.
Contentment and peace and a faith strong within.
A spirit of love that makes all the world kin.

The magic of Christmas is all this and more,
May your day be merry with much joy in store.
And may the bright memories and glow ne’er depart -
The magic of Christmas live on in your heart!

By Beverly J. Anderson

Reason for Christmas

Christmas comes but once a year
for all adults, girls, and boys.
With gifts from family and friends
A lot of them made of toys.

Yes Christmas comes but once a year
and so they say
To brighten us on our merry way.
“Have good cheer and a joyous day.”

But also remember the meaning
Of this much celebrated season,
For without the life of Christ
There wouldn’t be a reason.

To have gentle hearts and willing hands
To help our neighbors far and near,
To spread Christ's love
And fill the world with cheer.

And so I say yet again
Tho Christmas comes but once a year
Keep the Spirit that makes the season
For without the life of Christ
There wouldn’t be a reason.

- Becky Pederson

All of these poems and 25 more stories and poems for EVERY Christmas symbol is in this file! You can print it out for free on Executive Homemaker. I made the poems so they fit 4 to a page and are ready to print, cut out, and attach as a booklet or you can attach them individually to the symbol and give it as a gift!