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Bionicle Birthday

I just threw a Bionicle Birthday Party for my son. Here's the invitation.

It was such a fun and easy party to put together, here's the Agenda. You can print out all these ideas for free on Executive Homemaker.

After the boys Guessed how many Bionicle pieces were in the bowl, we played Name That Toa. Use the Bionicle Alphabet to decipher the name of each Toa.

Next we did a Toa Challenge consisting of an obstacle course with 6 events related the Toas' elements - water, earth, air, ice, stone, and fire.
  • Vakama’s Lava Jump - jump over pieces of a red table cloth
  • Nokama’s Water Challenge - throw water balloons at pictures of Bionicles on driveway
  • Whenua’s Dig - find the buried Bionicle picture in the sand box
  • Matau’s Jump - Do your best trick on the trampoline
  • Onewa’s Stone Challenge - carry a bucket of stones

Throughout the the party I handed out Metu Nui Bucks as rewards to the kids. They redeemed their bucks at the end of the party for a Bionicle party favor.

I attached this Thank You Label to each Bionicle Party Favor.

For more details and free printables including a Bionicle Party Planner, go to Executive Homemaker.