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Animal Day

Plan an Animal Day as a Babysitter Activity, Play Date Activity Day, or just for fun at home.

Animal Day Agenda

9:00 Color Pictures of Animals
9:10 Play in Playroom with Zoo & Barn
9:20 Search for Animals (hide ‘n seek)
9:35 Fishing Around Game9:45 Read Books
10:00 Snack10:15 Ride Bikes & Jeep Outside
10:50 Play with Puppies (groom them) *Pretend to feed and take care of them.
11:00 Play Lego's 11:20 Play Lucky Ducks11:35: Play Hide ‘n Seek or Tag (explain rules)
11:45: Movie (only once please)
12:15 Toys
12:30 Lunch (Peanut Butter Sandwiches, grapes, pretzels)
12:45 Clean-up


Hide ‘n seekRing around the rosy
Play with toys
Games in closet
Jeep/Bikes in front yard
Sprinkler in back yard

You can print out this agenda for Animal Day out on ExecutiveHomemaker.com for free!