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Shelf Bin Labels

Are you tired of your toy box always being a mess? Try using bin labels like these to restore order and eliminate the ciaos. Picture labels make it easier for kids to clean up by themselves. To help motivate your kids to clean try saying, "You clean up the puzzles and I'll clean up the blocks."

These labels also come in helpful after a play date when friends and their parents are trying to clean up and are unfamiliar with where things go.

These labels are ideal for colored bins that are stacked on a storage shelf. Like the one above.

How To Make:

1. Click here to print off the labels. You can use this template to make your own.
2. Cut them out.
3. Either use clear packing tape to tape the label to the front of each bin, or laminate and use Velcro dots to attach to the front of each bin.

How to Custom your Own Labels:

1. Go to www.toysrus.com.
2. Search for the toy you're making the label for.
3. Right click on the picture and copy it.
4. Paste the picture in your software editing program. I use Microsoft Office Publisher.
5. Add the name of the picture using your program.
6. Print it out and follow the above directions on how to make.