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Not Another Gift Card

I don't know about you, but I'm not so into the gift card. I know it's easy and quick for the gift giver, but not always for the gift receiver. Because I have several gift cards still in my wallet which I will probably never use, here's another twist for your friends upcoming birthday.

One of my friends recently moved into a new home and has lots of wall space to fill. So we decided to make her a money poster. This is a poster of a house where the door, windows, clouds, and sky open up and have cash inside! She can then use the cash for a shopping spree at her favorite stores.

How To Make:

1. Print out the house and cut it so it fits together correctly.

2. Using scissors or an exacto knife, cut out "windows" on the door, windows, clouds, and sun.

3. On the back made "pockets" for the money using clear packing tape. Get a large strip of clear packing tape and then a smaller strip and tape it together. This will make a non-sticky surface for your money. Stick the tape over each "window". Be careful not to tape the "windows" together.

4. Glue onto a larger poster board. The board I used was orange on one side and yellow on the other. It made it fun.

5. Tie a ribbon in a bow and glue it at the top of the house. (I used a black and white polka dot but you can use any color.)

6. Cut out the mailbox and glue it onto the poster with raised glue dots so it pops out.

7. Slip the cash into each pocket in the windows.

Click here to print out the house.

Mique over at Adventures with the Provosts, made her own version! Great job girl! I hope your bus driver liked it.