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Your Personal Assistant - June

Since it's the beginning of the month, Tip Junkie is here as Your Personal Assistant. Take a day and really plan and organize your schedule. Here are some of the things to do:

1. Check birthdays for the month, buy cards & presents, get them ready to mail or deliver. If you have a child's birthday this month, plan it and get out the invites.

Here's Tip Junkie's 13 Day Birthday Bash with all kinds of amazing birthday ideas. (I'll be featuring new birthday ideas, so submit your posts.)

2. Father's Day is Sunday, June 21st.

Need some gift inspiration, here are some great ideas:

* Handmade Father's Day Gifts
* Custom Board Book
* Teach Me Thursday - Father's Day
* Father's Day

3. If you're still looking for Graduation ideas here you go:

* Graduation Celebration
* End of School Year Celebrations
* Graduation Party Ideas and Teach Me - Graduation
* Last Day of School Traditions
* Teacher Appreciation Ideas and here
* End of the school party for friends

4. Clear schedule for book club, girls night out, BUNCO, and other rotating activities. Make sure you have child care, your food assignment, etc. Here's how to start a dinner club.

5. If you are doing a food storage, time to check the schedule and buy next on the list. Don't forget to put some cash in there as well.

6. Change AC house filter.

7. Write one grandparent a letter, artwork, or card.

8. Mommy/Son or Daddy/Daughter dates

9. Plan a date night with your loved one, arrange the babysitter in advance.

10. Time to sign the kiddos up for vacation bible school! Don't wait the good ones fill up quickly.

11. Plan Summer: Camping trips, Trips to the lake, and Weekends at grandma's. We coordinate most of these outings with friends, so we also get friends vacation schedule to make the most of our summer.

Looking for some summer activities to do with your kiddos? Check these out:

* Creative Summer Activities
* Summer Fun Time Tips
* Any of the fun crafty For The Kids posts

12. Sign kids up for summer camps.

Events coming up:

1. Tip Junkie Swap - Due to the problems between Blogger & Internet Explorer, I'll be postponing the Tip Junkie Swap until the fall. {{teary}}

It's time to stop using Internet Explorer and pick a different browser. It's been crashing almost every blog I try to read. {{pulling hair out!}} Are you having the same problem?

2. Christmas in July crafts and homemade gifts. It's time to start planning for Christmas! What are you making this year? If you need some inspiration here you go:

* Super Saturday Crafts
* Holiday Handmade Crafts
* And then of course any of the Christmas posts

3. As I mentioned yesterday I'll be featuring fabulous birthday parties for the next 2 weeks then I'll host the Going Dot Com Birthday Bash.

If you want to remind yourself to head on over to Tip Junkie at the beginning of every month for this segment, here's a button you can put on the sidebar of your blog. ;)

What am I missing? What else would you like featured on Tip Junkie this month?

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