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Our Best Bites

I'd like to take a moment to thank Our Best Bites for being a sponsor of Tip Junkie!

Our Best Bites has a fabulous Tips and Tutorials page. With all kinds of handy tips and step by step tutorials to make seemingly complicated things a cinch!

You can find things as simple as cutting a watermelon to more fancy (but still easy) stuff like roasting your own peppers, making cream puffs, or bbq'ing a pizza on the grill.

You can check out Our Best Bites' cooking philosophy on their bio page. But really they're just 2 Mom's who love to cook and create.

Sara & Kate totally get what it's like to run a household and raise kids and be involved in school and church and community organizations and still have to feed your family. They try to help people really enjoy it!

Although they sometimes have harder or more labor-intensive recipes, they try to keep their recipes simple, showing people that cooking can be pretty simple and fun.

Our Best Bites most popular posts are: Icing Sugar Cookies, French Dips, and Pizzookies.

You can also keep up with Our Best Bites on Twitter and Facebook.

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