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Easter Traditions

I love finding new an easy traditions to do with my boys. I think it not only helps create lasting memories but it also gives me an opportunity to be the "fun mom".

Stacy submitted her creative Easter Egg Hunt; instead of the traditional candy filled Easter eggs, these eggs contain an activity to complete after the egg hunt.

Carrie submitted her Christ- Centered Easter traditions. She has several ones but I really like how she made your own tomb!

My Twitter friend, Sylvia, sent me her Lenten Treasure Chest. It has over 40 "gold" coins with different "good deeds" printed on them. For example, read bible, help a neighbor, attend a church service, etc. Ace LOVES it! Every morning they pick a coin and then do the good deed.

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I found these Easter Traditions on a Budget. They have several fun ideas. My favorite is the follow the ribbon. Where you tie a ribbon to the Easter basket and run around the house with it leaving a ribbon trail behind. When the kids wake up they follow their colored ribbon to find the basket the Easter Bunny left them.

Here's Bobbi's Bunny Money. After the kids find all the plastic eggs, they open them up and count how much Bunny Money they got.They then get to buy items from our Bunny Store.

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