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Tip Junkie Giveaway Directory - New!

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I have exciting news! Due to the 100+ e-mails I receive each week asking me to announce bloggers giveaways; I’ve come up with an automated system that will do it for you, the Tip Junkie Giveaway Directory.

You no longer have to wait for me to get around to it. ;) Simply ‘create an account’ and fill in the blanks to announce your giveaway to Tip Junkie readers. It’s free!

Your giveaway must be hosted on a blog and be over $25 to qualify. If you already have a Mom-preneur Shop login account, you don’t need a different one for the giveaways. (It runs on the same database.)

While you’re there, be sure to enter your e-mail address to receive daily/weekly updates on all the fabulous giveaways that are happening right now. (It's on a different RSS feed than Tip Junkie blog.)


P.S. Check out the Mom-preneur Shops, they're now open all year long!

P.S.S. Announce your blog giveaways on Tip Junkie's New Giveaway Directory, it's free.