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The Tip Junkie Awards

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I've been teasing you for a month and I'm finally recovered enough to launch the 1st Annual Tip Junkie Awards! I'll be announcing the nominees all week.

Each year I will re-feature and reward my top favorite tips for the previous year. I'll ask for nominees, throw in a couple of my favorites, and YOU will vote the winner.

As usual, each category will feature a Mom-preneur who has generously offered to reward the winner with a fabulous prize from their inventory. {{giddy}}

2008 was crammed full of amazing tips and it would be a crime if they were forgotten. ;) Therefore, I hope you'll help me spread the word and post about this fun event, here's your button:

AND vote for your favorites! You'll want to make sure your favorite tip wins in each category.

To keep things simple, each category will have it's own post. Look for the poll at the end of each one to vote for your favorite and learn about the prize they will receive.