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New Year Organization by Mique

Hi everyone!
I'm Mique (as in Mickey Mouse :) from 30days.
I was thrilled that Laurie asked me to fill in for the day.
She was one of my first "blog friends" but I had the chance to
meet her this past spring and she's even more fun and fiery in person!

When Laurie asked me to guest post I decided it try to compile a fun organizational post. One that will actually inspire you instead of make you want to curl into the fetal position.
It's that time of year again. Time to step on a scale, make resolutions and try to organize our lives. If you are anything like me, organizing doesn't come naturally. I've thought for awhile that most creative people don't come pre-wired for organization (though there are people like Laurie to prove my theory wrong ;).
I recently found a book called Hannah's Art of Home by Hannah Keeley. It has opened my eyes completely. Hannah talks about how each of us need to embrace our style and personality to figure out what would work best in our homes. It's funny and down to earth- and has once again inspired me to take on my closets and tackle my cabinets. You can read an interview by her here to get an idea of how she approaches her book.

Here are some ideas that I love:

Craft Stylish's pattern organizing idea
HGTV's Organized Craft Room Ideas
Country Living's ideas for crafty solutions for organization
Vanilla Joys organization tips
Mish Mash's ideas for organization
My 30days blog inspiring spaces post

Some blogs specific to organizing:
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Organized with Style
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{If you get nothing else from this post I want you to realize that everyone can find a way that works for them. Find what works and do it (that's my goal anyway).}

To kick start your 2009 I'm giving away a copy of my new fave find, Hannah's Art of Home .

Also Laurie and I recently combined efforts for some updated versions to her binder. So along with the book, you'll get an updated Executive Homemaker binder. We'll have details of how everyone can download their own version here on Tip Junkie soon.

To win, tell us what your biggest organizational challenge is on this post
by next Tuesday, January 13th.