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Choosing Your Time Wisely: My Challenge to You

Hi, Tip Junkies! I'm Debbie from Virtually Organized and I'm honored to have been asked to guest post for Laurie while she recovers from her back surgery. (My thoughts and prayers are with you, Laurie!)

Recently, I came across a blog post that suggested if you do not have enough time to un-clutter your home, you should consider turning off the TV and spend this time getting better organized. I thought this was a great idea. I chimed in with the game of speed-de-cluttering during commercial breaks on the nights that you do watch your favorite shows.

As I scanned all the other comments, though, I was frustrated to find that the post's discussion had started to shift in focus from the original intent. Radical anti-TV folks were arguing about how we should just abolish TV all together, and fans of the Simpsons and soap operas were desperately trying to defend themselves.

I think the real point is not whether you should watch TV or not, but rather about the choices we all make about how to spend our time, and the consequences of not choosing wisely.
With busy, non-stop lives, we all need daily, unstructured time to just zone out. If I choose to watch LOST for an hour a week and "Anti-TV Tom" chooses to gaze at the stars and listen to NPR, who cares? We each get a little break from the demands and responsibilities that weigh on us the other 23 hours in the day.
But I then have to choose to go through my mail in a timely manner and choose to clear out the winter clothes in my closet. Otherwise, I have noone to blame for my disorganization but myself and my addiction to watching Lost.

In a recording by the President of Planner Pads, I was struck by a comment he made that has stayed with me whenever I discuss time management with my clients and at my organizing workshops. He said time management is really about “Choice Management.” We all have the same 24 hours in a day, but what makes some of us productive, and the rest of us constantly trying to catch up, are the choice we make about how to use our time.
Someone who chooses to mindlessly zone out 4 hours a day in front of what some call the “idiot box,” really can’t be surprised when they “don’t have enough time” to get things done. It's not the fault of television, it the result of a choice.

Are you making good choices with your time?

Are there some tasks that are sucking up more of your time than they should?

Can you make better choices so that you can become more efficient and productive?

Much like someone on a diet who keeps a food log to track daily intake, I challenge you to keep a time log for the next week. (I’ll do one, too!) Keep me posted at VirtuallyOrganized.com/blog with your discoveries: the good, the bad and the ugly! And I’ll post some of my own time log entries, too.

And no offense Anti-TV Tom. I like gazing at the stars, too!

Simply yours,

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