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1st Annual Tip Junkie Awards

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Hey Ladies! It's award season and therefore time to get all dressed up to celebrate the "Best of 2008" with the 1st Annual Tip Junkie Awards!

There are so many talented women that make Tip Junkie a one-stop-shop for fabulous ideas that help embellish our lives. Why not feature them once more and give a proper "thank you gift" to your favorites.

The Tip Junkie Awards will help us take a look back and recognize the best tips of 2008. It will run just like the Oscars with nominees and you will vote for the winners.

Each winner will be awarded a special button from Tip Junkie as a "Best of 2008" as well as a fabulous prize from a Tip Junkie Mom-preneur. 19 Prizes will be given away!!!

The categories are:

Best Submitted Tip
Best Tutorial
Best Organizational Idea
Best Craft
Best Birthday Theme
Best Gift Idea
Best Entertaining Tip
Best Home Decor Tip
Best Bonding Tradition
Best Blogging Tip
Best Featured Blogger
Best Blog Designer
Best Holiday Idea
Best Commenter
Best Tip Junkie (biggest fan)
Best Mom-preneur

So head on over and cast your nomination for your favorite tip on Tip Junkie! Feel free to blog about it and campaign for your favorites to win. {{giddy}}

You have until January 17th to nominate your favorite tip/blogger and then I'll announce the final nominees for your final vote.


P.S. Don't forget to nominate your favorite Tip Junkie tip for 2008!