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New Shop-a-thon Design!

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I am so excited to announce the new design of the Tip Junkie Mom-preneur Shop-a-thon. Due to the overwhelming response of women who want to participate, I've had to enlist some help and automate the Shop-a-thon process.

It has taken 14 non-stop-trouble-shooting days to custom design this amazing shop just for Tip Junkie readers and Mom-prenuers. Everything is automatic, so as soon as you approve your listing it will be added. {{squeal in delight}}

Here’s the new link.

I really want the shop-a-thon to appeal to customers, not only Mom-preneurs. With this new system you'll see that each store can upload their favorite product for easier shopping and product recognition. Also, be sure to look for special discounts for all Tip Junkies. {{YAY}}

Just think, no lines to wait in, no wasting gas money driving from store to store, and it's all done in the comfort of your home, in your PJ's. {{fabulous}} It gets better, every one of your pennies goes to another hard-working woman who appreciates your business.

Our created by women holiday season is officially underway. Start shopping!!

Attention Mom-prenuers:

1. If you've already received confirmation that your store has been added, then check your e-mail. You should have received a username/password so you can log in and update your picture for your store. You an also offer a discount to Tip Junkie readers to make your store more appealing. You now have the power to make any changes yourself and are now in complete control of your shop.

2. If you have already paid but have not received confirmation from me that your store has been added, please give me until tomorrow to send you an e-mail with a payment coupon. You'll be able to use this coupon to create your account and add your store to our Shop-a-thon.

3. If you are new and would like to list your blog/store/site to our Shop-a-thon then click here and "create an account". It is only $5.45 to be listed and it will be promoted at the end of every post until January '09.


P.S. If you'd like to participate in our Mom-prenuer Shop-a-thon, click here and press "create an account". It's only $5.45 and will be promoted until January.