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Talk To Me Tuesday - Totally Tables

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Today for Talk To Me Tuesday, Sheena from Totally Tabletops is giving us the low down on a hoedown. {{I crack myself up}} She's a recent blog find of mine that I can't get enough of. I love to entertain, but sometimes I lack imagination. That's where Sheena comes in with all her over-the-top amazing ideas.

Here are Sheena's ideas on how to throw a The Ho Ho Hoedown in her words:

Thrilled to be featured on Tip Junkie the other week, I asked Laurie if I could share ideas from my personal Holiday Party coming up this December: The Ho Ho Hoedown!

Western is a common year-round theme, but when used for a holiday party, it becomes a refreshing idea from the expected. Western is also a budget friendsly theme allowing you to use paper grocery bags, cardboard and string lights to create your atmosphere. After all, the Wild West wasn’t a pristine and polished era. It was rough and tumble- but a whole lotta fun!

Here are some ideas and resources to get your party hi-stepping and dosey-doe’n:

Let’s first talk about Sweet Talk Boutique’s fantastic creation: the Invitastion. I called up Jen and told her about the party. She put together a custom cookie invite for me! You can do this too! You will leave a tasty and lasting impression on your guests. Here are some details from Jen about this particular cookie:

“Cookie shown is our signature sugar cookie-shortbread combo iced and decorated with a funky, western look. It arrives in our biodegradable cello bag, wrapped in a festive bandanna that can be worn to the party and is boxed and hand tied with raffia. As always, a card invite to the party is included so your guests can giddy-up and eat the cookie! Full custom designs like this one with extras like bandanna and raffia start at $18 and one time art charges apply for design. Matching stationery and thank you cards, as well as place cards and favors are of course available as well.”

Here are some more ideas, giddy-up!

1. Cowboy boot mugs from Plum Party are a perfect choice for your signature drink.

2. Seen in Country Living, starched bandanas, folded and wrapped, are a colorful and festive cone for cowpoke nibbles.

3. Cowboy Chili is a great group food served casually or served as a main course. For a delicious recipe, click here.

4. Plum Party has these leather looking paper napkins in cocktail or dinner size.

5. This is a bit kitsch, but these simple $2 vests from Party 411 are a humorous touch to your Hoedown.

6. I love searching Etsy for handmade items. You’ll always find unique pieces and they’re often for a great deal. Two Guitars has this card, amongst other western style cards for sale. With a blank inside, you can easily turn it into an invitation.

To continue the ideas, here are some DIY touches:

Macbeth Collection offers stylish couture buckets, bins and containers for all purposes. They have great items which I love, but I recently found a way to make your own tub

The ultimate personal touch comes from Jone’s Soda. This takes a little more budget, but is super easy to do and will leave a lasting impression on your guest.

First, select your root beer, then you upload your front image and lastly you upload your message for the back of the bottle. In a matter of minutes you’ll have personalized root beer for your saloon.

Need a budget conscious solution? Purchase bottles of root beer from your grocery, and print labels off of your computer to wrap around with custom photos and quips.

Last but not least (and this definitely falls under the “homemade” category) for my party, I’ll be cutting out cardboard cactus and stringing them with lights to be placed around my house. I found a metal sculpture resource from Tree Forest, but $106 means you’ve really committed to these sculptures.

I hope you feel inspired. There is so much more you can do with this theme as well. We haven’t really gone into the food aspect of the party! Feel free to pass along related ideas to sheena@totallytabletops.com and you may be in one of our posts.

Totally Tabletops, the Blog

Thanks Sheena! What a fun theme to spice up the holiday season. I'm a Texas gal so this would be a huge it around here. {{wink}}

P.S. Don't forget to buy from women this holiday season during our Mom-prenuer Shop-a-thon! Let's support each other.