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New Sponsor - Blogalicious

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I want to welcome Tip Junkie's newest Sponsor, Stephanie and Stacy from Blogalicious Designs. Thanks to these Ladies, I'll be able to continue doing what I love - inspire and promote women.

Blogalicious Designs specializes in customized designs that fit your personal values and style, and they work very hard to achieve that by developing a strong line of communication with their clients.

They offer various packages, with low out-of-pocket expense and provide everything from a complete make-over of your current blog, to a simple header. They even offer pre-designed templates, for those looking for a quick fix.

For your small business, they offer a complete web style design at a fraction of the cost you’ll be charged by a high priced web developer. Check out their site to browse their portfolio, pricing, and to purchase your own Blogalicious Design!

Thanks Stephanie and Stacy for your support of Tip Junkie! If you're bored with your current blog design these ladies could hook you up with something fabulous!


P.S. To learn more on how you can be a sponsor on Tip Junkie, contact me.