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Fun & Informative How-To's Wanted

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Wuz Up Ladies! I am looking for several catchy, upbeat, yet informative how-to articles for beginners on your current hobby or passion for my Talk To Me Tuesday posts. I did an interview a while ago Digital Scrapbooking with Ashley and that's the kind of thing I'm looking for.

Unfortunately, I'm completely swamped and can't interview you. It can be on any subject but please keep it shorter than mine {{oops}} and family friendly. You also need to be some-what experienced on the subject.

Personally, I'm really interested in a how-to from a photographer who can submit different family Christmas picture poses and color wardrobe options that work well. I'm also interested in an article from a paperscrapper and seeing some unique & over the top Christmas card ideas.

Please note that all submissions won't be accepted and this offer applies to women bloggers only. I can't wait to learn about your passions and hobbies!! {{giddy}}


P.S. Don't forget to buy from women this holiday season during our Mom-prenuer Shop-a-thon! Let's support each other.