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Welcome Mister Linky!

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I love feed back from readers! It's the only way I can improve and meet the needs of Tip Junkie's around the globe. Recently, I received a suggestion regarding duplicate submissions. Now that Tip Junkie is over a year old, I am starting to receive duplicate tips, crafts, and ideas.

Considering the number of new "Tip Junkies" that are joining us every day, I want to still feature these amazing ideas. However, I don't want to start becoming repetitive and boring to loyal readers.

Therefore, I'm excited to announce a new feature you'll see occasionally on Tip Junkie, the Mister Linky Widget.

Shannon over at Rocks in my Dryer uses Mister Linky all the time and so for logistical purposes, I'm going to use it too. Unfortunately, it's just too difficult for me to manually update all your links as I receive them.

I know you already have some questions. Let me give you a heads up.

What is Mister Linky? It's a software program that allows you to manually add a specific post and "link" it to a specific post on Tip Junkie. It easily facilitiates people finding related topics on a single subject.

What are the Benefits of using Mister Linky? If people like the topic being discussed, it's a way to say, "Look over here. I did it too!" Your link will forever be attached to the linked post on Tip Junkie. Therefore, it will be seen every time that post is read or searched for on Google or other search engines.

If you're uncomfortable with self-promotion, it also helps a girl out {{like me}} who spends hours Googling ideas each week.

Do I need to ask you if I can participate? Nope. If you've posted about the specific topic just use Mister Linky to link to that specific post. Don't worry, I'll delete it if it's not relevant.

Will Mister Linky be on every post?

No, I won't use it for every post. Mainly just for 'Talk To Me Tuesdays' or other popular posts.

How will I know when I can use it? You will see a box like the one above that invites you to leave your name and URL.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here in the comments. I'm sure other's have the same ones.