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Day 8 - Pirate Party

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Hang in there Ladies, I'm almost done featuring birthday parties. Day 8 is all about the Pirate party!

Beth submitted her Pirate themed birthday party.

Blue submitted her party, "Ahoy Me Hearties! If ye be among the unfortunate land lubbers who are regularly terrorized by Pirates, this here party may be just the thing to appease the rotten little bilge rats."

One Fabulous Mom attended a pirate party that had some really fun food ideas.

I found these pirate cupcakes over at Kim Vallee's blog. You can check out her pirate party here and here.

Party Planning Mom is killing me with her homemade pirate ships! Be sure to check it out, she has lots of other great tips.

Rachel threw a fun party for her little guy. I liked her pirate party favors: pirate bandannas, eye patches and tattoos for everyone.

I couldn't resist adding this invitation and favor idea from Taylor.

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