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Handy Dandy

I'm going to break my own rule today and feature a couple websites (instead of blogs) that I think are handy-dandy! I know, it's my blog rule I can break it if I want to. {{sassy}}

I'm getting ready to make some curtains for my kitchen and so I searched the net for hours trying to find inspiration. I found Priority Windows which has the best pictures for valances. Here's the style I'm going to do in my kitchen. What do you think?

My husband introduced me to Pandora. (He's been using it for quite a while as you may have too.) Basically it's radio from the Genome Project or music dna. It's stations that play only the music you like. It's fabulous!

As your listening you can "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" the song and it will decide what music you like. fyi: They have an App for your iPhone! {{giddy}}

My hairdresser told me about Everyday Health. Basically it's a social network and a calorie/weight counter. Simply plug in what you eat, drink, exercise and it tracks everything you need to loose those LB's. It's pretty cool.

Of course, if you don't already know about my website, Executive Homemaker, you've got to check it out. Register and then you'll be privy to over 600 free files with pictures and printables to help you organize your life and have a little fun in the process.

fyi: You can submit your blog posts as ideas on Executive Homemaker as well! Then they'll be catalogued and indexed forever in a website.

Have a great weekend, Ladies!