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Talk To Me Tuesday - Organizing Junkie

I am so excited to start our new feature on Tip Junkie, Talk To Me Tuesday. Each Tuesday I'll feature a different blogger in an interview. Today, I am excited to feature Laura the Organizing Junkie!

Would you introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi everyone, my name is Laura and I have a crazy passion for organizing. I especially love containers and would much rather spend my time containerizing and organizing than cleaning. I am a Professional Organizer here in Canada and mom to three great kids.

Who or what was your inspiration to start blogging?

I started blogging in 2006 when my youngest was six months old purely for some adult interaction. I was lonely and one of my girlfriends introduced me to blogging and I was hooked right from the beginning. I found an amazing community of moms and immediately fell in love with how much I was learning and growing from reading various blogs. I was even more thrilled that lovely ladies kept coming back to read MY blog. Being able to share my “addiction” with others is a dream come true for me.

If you had to describe your blog in less than 15 words how would you do it?

One woman’s quest to get others “hooked” on organizing so the less freakish she seems!

Well how do you like that, 15 words exactly, I didn’t think I could do it…lol. Basically my blog is mostly about what I’m doing around my house to keep my household organized and anything else to do with organizing. I never really intended it to be a how to blog and even to this day I’m still a little uncomfortable with that whole side of it. I’m just trying to get through the trenches of motherhood along with everyone else!

Approximately how many visitors do you have on your blog each day?

I have about 2500 visitors each day right now which is such an amazing blessing because without people coming to visit me each day I couldn’t be a SAHM. For that I am ever so grateful.

What do you think the most rewarding qualities of blogging are?

Well definitely that I can do something I love and be paid for it allowing me to stay home with my kids just makes my heart sing. I really never ever imagined it would be possible. Also the amazing community of women that teach and challenge me and just make me laugh when I need it most is also hands down terrific.

Conversely, what are the most frustrating aspects of blogging?

Probably the time it takes. I’m not a natural writer and I second guess everything I write so one post often takes way longer than it should. I’m also not very techy so I usually have to hire someone to do all the techy stuff for me.

Who is your current blog crush? (Someone you look forward to reading about.) Be honest, I know you have one. {{wink}}

Gosh I have so many, no kidding. I follow over 200 blogs!! For instance one blog that I adore for all the mouth watering pictures and my desire to be a better cook is The Pioneer Woman Cooks blog. Talk about fascinating :)

Have you ever experienced Blenvy (blog envy)? How did you deal with it?

I do all the time especially when I see someone doing something with their blog that I’ve always wanted to do…start a newsletter, write an ebook, etc. I have so many ideas brewing for my blog but I have to remember that my youngest is only young once and being home with him is my priority right now. There will be time for everything else later when he is in school.

What have you done to improve your stats or market your blog this past year?

I’ve concentrated on posting every day, offering giveaways and reviews and just being me. I think people appreciate that.

What keeps you motivated to keep blogging?

This one is easy for me. The biggest thing that motivates me is the emails I get from lovely ladies writing to tell me what a difference my blog has made in their lives. These emails are near and dear to my heart. Just knowing that someone would take time out of their busy schedule to write to me blows me away each and every time. I even started a folder for them so that I can go back and read them whenever I’m having a not so good day or wondering how I’ll ever find something else to blog about.

What are a few of the blogging tools you use to run your blog?

I keep a blogging notes notebook. Each month has a calendar on one page and another page with four boxes, one for ideas, to do, reviews and notes. This stays open by desk and it helps keep me on track.

Who designed your blog? If you did, can you give us a tip or two?

Shaz from Swank Web Style designed my blog and I am really happy with the way it turned out. I think it’s important for a blog to immediately give the reader a sense of who you are and what you are blogging about. First impressions are important. A great blog design should draw first time visitors in with the desire to want to read more. I also feel strongly about having an About Me page.

Where do you find your inspiration for your posts?

Usually from the emails I receive or really just whatever happens to be going on in my household at the time.

What are the main ways you earn an income from your blog, if applicable?

I earn an income through my blog through both ads and affiliate advertising.

What advice do you have for a new Mom-prenuer?

Know what your passion is and figure out a way to get paid for it. Most importantly ignore the nay-sayers along the way!

Do you have any suggestions for other bloggers or any success secret?

Just be yourself, I can’t stress that enough. Find a blog that you look up to and use them as your inspiration. Most of what I know comes from paying attention to what other blogs are doing well and incorporating that into my own blog.

What is your next big goal?

My most current goal was to make enough money to pay my monthly grocery bill. I just accomplished this which makes me want to break down and cry big tears of joy and do a happy dance all at the same time. My next goal is to successfully speak at the National Professional Organizers Conference in November without passing out, wish me luck!

You have so many amazing posts and brilliant ideas. Can you share one of your favorites?

Brilliant is probably a stretch but you are so sweet to say so. :)

Definitely the thing I’m most proud of though and that I know has been helpful to many is the organizing PROCESS I created. These PROCESS steps can help anyone conquer any space no matter how big or small. Enjoy and happy organizing!

Thank you so much Laura for your inspiration and your time!! I know I have learned something today and am completely motivated to keep blogging.

Ladies, be sure to check out Laura's blog the Organizing Junkie and check out all her fantastic tips! It's time to get organized.

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