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20 Day Giveaway - Mel, A Dramatic Mommy

Contest Rules:

1. Go to Mel, A Dramatic Mommy and pick your favorite "so freakin' cute they make me smile every time" baby pictures of Drama Kid. Simply leave a comment with your favorite picture on this post here on Tip Junkie.

2. Please only enter once and you must have a blog to enter. (If your blog is private - please leave your e-mail address in your comment.)

3. Each giveaway will only last 24 hours!! So be sure to leave a comment to enter before 8:00 am each morning.

Melanie did a post on her Movie Madness post about one of her favorite movies, last week.

So the winner will receive: a $10 gift card to Regal Entertainment group (Regal Cinema, UA Cinema and Edwards theaters) from Melanie, A Dramatic Mom.