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Submitted Tips

I've got days worth of great tips to share with you that have been submitted by Tip Junkie readers. Please bear with me this week while I play catch up and share these amazing tips. If your tip isn't posted today - stay tuned - I'll do it this week.

CarrieB made these beautiful gift card trees as teacher gifts. They're breath-taking!

Angie printed pages from her blog and placed it in a cute notebook. She hopes her children will be able to look through it someday.

Dot made a robot birthday party invites and thank you notes for her son's 3rd year birthday party. They're adorable. You can download them from her blog!

Shannon submitted this tip on a cheap way to create a kids art center.

Sara submitted this sprinkle ball as a super quick toddler snack. I completely understand how desperate you can get when trying to feed a toddler. Thanks Sara I might have to try this with my Drake!

Mel submitted this tip on herb infused oils. Infusing oils with herbs & other aromatics makes a great gift for Dad's who cook. What a great gift idea!

Patricia tells us how to make candles that look professional with this wax paper technique.

It's a dirty job but some one's got to do it! Jamie submitted her post with tons of household tips. Misc. useful household tips from food to easily cleaning up broken glass!

Thanks Ladies these are amazing! If you don't already have a "I've been Featured" button, feel free to copy the code and wear it proudly on your blog.