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Sparkle Thots by Ruth

Hi, I'm Ruth from Sparkle Thots. I am SAHM to my 16 month old son, and am living in Singapore. I craft my own line of jewelry at Sparkle Thots.

The designs I make are catered to the modern women of today who are smart and beautiful, and still retain their feminine charm. I love to see how women accessorise and love the little trinkets that make them unique in themselves. My top 3 favorites right this moment are:

Starfish: I believe most of us have heard of the inspirational story of the starfish and the power of one. I want to remind the wearer about how they can make a difference. And to keep it close to heart.

A Mother's Heart : This is one of the few designs I could not bear NOT to keep a piece for myself. As a 'new' mother, I have many dreams for my child and really, I want to remind him to live his dream, love life and know that he can make a difference.

Also as a Christian, I believe in the power of prayer and how parents should bring a child up in His ways. I feel that this piece is versatile in how it can be for the mother or the daughter (customisable with a praying daughter too!) and speaks volumes of a mother's heart and love for her children.

Old Oak Tree: This is a piece that brings out a lot of memories for me. I find tree silhouettes very beautiful and I think this pendant (there's a silver version as well) has a quiet elegant charm about it. To me, it makes a wonderful present for someone who has just graduated or is 'coming of age', to remind her to be strong and firm as a tree. To be rooted in values and remain firm in what she believes in.

Daisy Chains: For a number of reasons actually! A lot of people have the misconception that pearls are just for the past generation or the more senior womenfolk. But they can look modern and updated while retaining their classic look. This piece features and alternating pattern of freshwater pearls to appeal to the young women of today and still have a old world charm. Somewhat like a throw back to the days of past when mothers created daisy chains with their children.

Thanks Ruth your jewelry is beautiful!

Be sure to stop by Ruth's to see more of her products. If you see something you like, be sure to order it or add it to your gift list!