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Memories for Everyone by Kristi

Hi, I'm Kristi with Memories for Everyone. The point of this site and the products I sell are to make it SIMPLE and EASY for every mom to capture small memories before they are gone forever.

These products are NOT geared towards scrapbookers or crafters, but rather they are geared towards any mom who needs little help figuring out how to simply capture little pieces of their kids childhoods before they are all grown up.

My healthy happy Mom passed away suddenly in a carbon monoxide accident, and she accidentally took the majority of my childhood memories with her. I thought we had a lot of time (she was only 57) to go over things I did as a kid and capture funny stories. When my Mom died in the leak, my dad almost died, too. He survived and moved in with my family.

It was at that point I started doing things differently - instead of making fancy pages to store my memories, I made simple notes that one day will matter to my girls. I started selling Once Upon A Family products by having workshops in my home. The Moms who come LOVE that it is really easy to capture memories. Before, they thought it was so hard. My company - Memories for Everyone - tries to show people that it is not hard to do little things that matter.

My favorite products are:

Dear Sweet Child Letter Box: This product is amazing in that it has a Mom take a few notes and write one letter to her kids every year. And, no matter when you start, you have 21 years of memories to pass to your child in a beautiful keepsake box one day. I think this is the best Baby Shower present to give - it is realistic, and you do not need any special talent or supplies to create a wonderful memory for your kids. In one hour a year, you can create a priceless memory for your child.

I love this item - here is the one booklet I have made for my daughter.

The Mother's Dy album - I love this because I did a workshop and Dads came with their kids and surprised their mom with an amazing little book where in 20 years, it will have one photo of the mom and kids EVERY mother's day for 20 years. I cannot tell you what I would give for this when I was growing up.

Thanks Kristi products will make amazing gifts! Be sure to stop by Kristi's blog and store to see more of her products. If you see something you like, be sure to order it or add it to your gift list!