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Jackaroos Boutique by Jennifer

Hi, I'm Jennifer of Jackaroos Boutique. Here are three items from my blogtique and why I chose to make them:

1) Mod Flowers on Chocolate Blanket personalized with name and birthdate - I love chocolate brown and this bold fabric. The name and birthdate personalize the item. Great baby gift for a second or third child (or fourth+) who gets mostly hand-me-downs. This blanket will be all theirs!

2) Jackaroos' Wedding Collection - White Linen Dress and John-John Romper - I love weddings and children, so in order to combine the two, I designed the Jackaroos' Wedding Collection. I also love the extra touch of the pink ribbon or baby blue buttons on these white linen outfits. These are beautiful for weddings, christenings and beach portraits.

3) Turquoise Damask Dress - This turquoise damask fabric is trendy, yet traditional, my favorite combination. This damask dress is perfect for a birthday party, beach portrait or when your little girl wants to look dainty and stylish.

Jennifer is multi-talented as she also publishes Baby Blog Addict! Very cool! Be sure to check out all of Jennifer's products as well as her Baby Blog Addict blog.