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Inkredible by Julie

Hi, I'm Julie. I'm a Rubber Stamper - I LOVE giving and receiving cards and gifts made by hand so most of the services on my blog center around that. I offer:

1. Inkredible Stamping Tutorials -

I was finding not enough time in a month to share all my ideas with my customers in classes so I choose this solution to let them learn step by step with me in the comfort of their own home for a VERY reasonable price.

2. Projects In The Mail: With gas prices climbing, and again not enough time in the month to share everything with everyone I developed this program. Instead of just getting a digital tutorial to follow along they get everything they need to complete the project! It's just like coming to a class but everyone gets to create at home, in their PJs, when they have time, without having to worry about how much gas they're spending to come to a class.

3. My Third "Service" is my blog it's self: I post as many projects and samples as I can to help inspire others to be creative. I Love showing everyone that they can make homemade items themselves and my blog is a great way to help inspire other crafters!

WOW Julie! Those are some really amazing products and services. I personally can't wait to check out your blog and be inspired.