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Hand Picked Daisy by Jennifer

Hi my name is Jennifer Willson and I'm so excited for the Blogtique! I've always wanted to one day make and sell something creative and cute. Well, I was given the chance in March when my sister in law opened a boutique in Lehi, Utah. I started making Visiting Teaching Kits and she lets me sell them in her shop. It's been so fun and rewarding when I find out that somebody bought something I created. It's such a good feeling. I love making them!

Here is the link to my April, May, and June kits. There's one every month and each one includes the visiting teaching message, a recipe, and some sort of goodie or gift.

Visiting Teaching Kits

May Visiting Teaching Kit

June Visiting Teaching Kit

If you'd like more information on what Visiting Teaching is and it's purpose, click here.

Thanks Jennifer for these great kits which will leave a lasting impression on your the women you visit each month. They are also perfect for those sisters who can be hard to reach. Visiting Teaching just became a lot more fun!