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Good and Crazy People by Carissa

Hi, I'm Carissa. I make custom bags and totes. All fully lined and designed by me unless otherwise noted. I don’t claim to be a professional, but I love doing it!

This all started pretty recently/accidentally. I have a lot of sisters, and several of their birthdays fall in the same week of the same month! I decided I would make them a small tote. But then I realized making one tote wasn’t very cost effective because one yard of fabric will make one bag, but 2 yards will make 2 or even 3 bags?? So then I realized that I had several friends birthdays coming up right away as well, and it would cost me nearly the same to make 6-8 bags as it making only a couple!

The good news is, people REALLY liked my bags, I began selling some of them and had to buy more fabric, and it’s sort of taken off from there! The bad news? My sisters have never gotten those birthday presents!!

I now make 3 sizes of totes, small 9½ by 12½” (and everyone keeps calling them scripture bags, oh well, that’s what they are now).

Medium 12 by 15”

Large 15 by 18"

I have this terrific Hobo bag I call the Mod bag (the tutorial for this bag is from JCarolineCreative.com).

And I’m working on a diaper bag design that will look a little more like a messenger bag.

Thanks Carissa your totes are beautiful and made with such amazing fabric!

Be sure to stop by Carissa's blog to see more of her products. If you see something you like, be sure to order it or add it to your gift list.