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Chic Made by Nancy

Hi, I am Nancy. I am a blogger, and I am a Mom-preneur, but I don't sell my items on my blog technically. I sell them on Etsy. Does that count? I really really hope so.

My blog is mostly about my family, but it has increasingly also been about my love of jewelry making and crafting in general. I have my own Etsy shop called Chic Made where I sell the things that I make and also things that some of my friends and family make. I give other Mom's who maybe don't have enough products to put together their own Etsy shop a chance to sell their things on my Etsy shop. That's why I call it Chic Made. Because all the things on the shop are made by chics. At this point, most of the products are made by me - but there are currently things made be 3 other chics also.

I blogged about my three favorite products and why I love them:

Chalkboard Napkin Rings

Serenity Earrings

Infant Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

Be sure to check out Nancy's blog and store to see her other products!