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Apostrophy by Tori

Hi, my name is Tori Andersen and I started an Apostrophy about two weeks ago. My husband often asks me what I am doing!! I love to sew and thought it would be fun to share the love with other people around.

Something I really like to do is go to a fabric or thrift store and buy fabrics that are clearanced out or recycle and try to find way to make them into something beautiful (assuming they are clearance because no one wanted them to begin with) and that's a challenge all on its own!

So I have started out simple by making reusable grocery bags (canvas & reversible) and also making market bags that double as purses.

Thanks Tori your purses are beautiful!

Be sure to stop by Tori's blog and store to see more of her products. If you see something you like, be sure to order it or add it to your gift list!