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31 Days to Clean

Sarah has some really informative and spiritual guidance over on her blog. She ties home organization and worship together to help us live our best lives. Here are just a couple features in her 31 Days to clean.

Day 1 - Priorities: First things first! Before we can "dig" in to getting things clean and in order, we've got to get our minds and hearts in order. Today, we are going to work on our priorities and goals, and then throw in some motivation for encouragement!

1. God
2. Husband
3. Children
4. Home
5. Gifts
6. Personal

Day 2 - The "Six Most Important Things" List: Before bed, every night, write down the six most important things you need to get accomplished the next day -no more, and no less. Do not go on the next thing until you complete the first thing on your list, and so on.

Day 6 - Self-Discipline: "Like a budget for money you need a budget for time." George MacDonald

I'm so impressed with Sarah and her commitment to strengthening her faith and helping each of us along the way. Be sure to check her feature 31 Days to clean.