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TAKS Survival Kit

Put together a special bag of goodies for the day your child takes the TAKS Test. If you don't live in Texas, but have a similar test, encourage your child by making them a Test Survival Kit!

Items in TAKS Survival Kit:

Smarties - To Boost Your Test Taking Brain Power!
Pencil - To Help You Record the Knowledge You’ve Learned!
Sticker - To Remind You To Stick to Your Task!
Eraser - To Use When You Check Your Work!
Kiss or Hug - For All Your Hard Work!
Pencil Grip - To Get A Grip On The Test!

Print out and attach the above cards to its corresponding item and place them in a gift bag or other type of container. (It can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish.)

Don’t forget to include an inspirational letter! This is just a reminder of your love and support as your child takes the TAKS test.

Have your teacher place it on your child’s desk as a surprise from you on test day. You can also include other special items like snacks, a new book to read after the test, small trinkets, and notes from other family members, etc.

You can print out these cute cards for free on Executive Homemaker.