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Submitted Tips!

I've got some great and useful tips that have been submitted to TipJunkie.com! Thank you Ladies so much - it makes my job a lot easier. {{wink}}

Amy over at Kid Daze submitted this great tip idea on how to keep your kids happy with the toys they have. She suggested getting 3 crates and dividing up the toys into the crates. Keep one crate out and the others tucked away in a closet. Then simply rotate the crates so the toys are always fun and "new".

That is such a great idea Amy! I do the same sort of thing with the Surprise Box. Simply add a bunch of old toys your child loves but no longer plays with into a bin (not clear). Put it away and only get it out occasionally, for Rainy Days, Babysitters, Sunday, etc.

Tip: Add a theme to your Surprise box but adding in only "ABC" related items or "Blue's Clues" items. Etc.

This is such the perfect time for a tip like this. As you're making room for new toys, go ahead and sort the old toys. Come spring break - you can get them out and they'll be "new" all over again.

Linda submitted a tip on 'Fun and sensible gift ideas for the special seniors in our lives'. I adore this topic! She has supplied you with some creative ones and sensible ones, such as:

  • scratch tickets
  • magazines
  • a variety of greeting/birthday cards
  • free electricity or cable for a month
  • a supply of bus tokens
  • gift certificate to their local grocery store
  • gift card to local pharmacy
  • clothes.

Make sure you head on over to Linda's blog for all the details. These are great! I'm going to keep them in mind for next year.

Amy has amazed me once again! She has submitted this super cute ornaments made from Styrofoam balls and floral pebbles. She gives you all the how-to's on her blog.

Amy, Linda, and Amy thank you so much for these great tips! One of my goals here on TipJunkie is to promote and empower women.