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Reindeer Poop

Attach this cute poem to the goodies for a small gift for a hostess, co-worker, or neighbors. Big thanks to Sondra for sending me these ideas!

Reindeer Poop Poem:

Christmas is coming,
Along with Santa and his deer.
Listen closely on Christmas Eve,
And maybe you will hear.

While Santa leaves gifts,
Tied with ribbons and bows,
The reindeer leave these droppings,
In neat little rows!

Snowman Card Poem:

Snowman Poop
You’re a super teacher,
So here is the scoop…
I’m treating you this New Year~
To this Snowman Poop!

Cookie Cutter Poem:

I made a plate of cookies,
to share with you this year.
I thought it was a good way,
to spread some Christmas cheer.

They all looked so tasty,
So I thought I'd eat just one.
And a little while later,
I noticed there were none.

So here's my Christmas greeting,
and a cookie cutter, too.
Now you can make your own cookies,
and maybe share a few.
Merry Christmas!

Go on over to Executive Homemaker to print out these cards as well as the recipes.

I want to thank Sondra again for contributing these fun ideas. Be sure to check out her blog, it's full of great ideas just like these ones!