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Great Tip Award! - New Years

TipJunkie.com is proud to present the 'Great Tip Award' to some amazing women with fun New Years ideas!

Lisa posted about Six Inquiries for the Six Days Between Christmas and New Year's. Here are the first 3, you'll have to check out her blog to get the rest. ;)

1. What if you could spend the first day setting aside everything you"re doing, all that you think you should be doing, and get really curious.

2. What would it be like to spend day two saying "I don't know anything"?

3. Can you take day three and ask yourself, "Who am I? What do I really value?"

Swim Mom posted some great Kid-Friendly New Years activities that live in the S. New Jersey/Philadelphia area. Even though her activities are area related - she posted some you can do at home. Such as:

1. Bubble Wrap Stomp.Just before midnight, unroll it on a hard surface and as midnight rings, join in on the “stomp”, creating fireworks sounds. Who doesn’t love bubble wrap?

2. Create a Midnight Balloon shower. I am sure this would be a hit with any toddler.

3. Get creative and make your own New Years noisemakers.

4. Spice up the night with some Nacho Cheese Tortillas. This is a nice and easy recipe, to add some extra fun, cook with the kids.

5. Add a little sweetness with some Fondue Fun. Dipping anything in cheese or chocolate is sure to be a big hit. Who knows, you may even get the kids to ring in the New Years with a couple veggies.

Also, in my blog jogging, I came across this book 'The Not So Big Life' that has a chapter about the Year End Ritual. I haven't read the book myself, but it looks completely intriguing and has a set of questions to help you:

  • Designate some time.
  • Make a record of all the significant things that have happened to you over the past year.
  • Take a look at yourself in the present.
  • Consider what you’d like to happen in the future.
This looks like an informative book to help you achieve those 2008 New Year resolutions.

Swim Mom and Lisa here's your 'Great Tip Award'! Be sure to pass on the award by picking 3 people you've been inspired by!