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Crochet Hats & Headbands

Can you say, "DARLING!"? I'm tempted to purchase one of these hats for my little guy and pretend he's a girl for an afternoon. Just kidding... sort of. {{wink}}

Executive Homemaker is proud to announce it's newest Mom-prenuer, Pretty Peanut Shells!

These hats are both beautiful and functional. Because of the forgiving stretch of the crochet design, these hats will stay comfortably on your peanut’s head. The yarn is a baby soft, light-weight acrylic allowing your peanut to comfortably wear them inside and out.

The Belli's are each handmade and they are securely fastened to a “bend and snap” style barrette. This feature allows you to change the Belli to match your peanut’s outfit. If you go indoors and wish to remove the hat, you can place the lovely Belli in your peanut’s hair for instant adorable style.

You can mix and match and they make a great gift! There are tons of styles to choose from, click here to get more information and to place an order.

This would make such a beautiful baby shower gift. Can you imagine this on a newborn? So sweet.

Pretty Peanut Shells has amazing products and can match any coat or outfit. Shannon is a fellow blogger! Check out her blog 'A Day in Our Life'.

I am so excited to welcome Shannon and her products to Executive Homemaker. If you have a product you'd like us to help you sell, e-mail [laurie at Executive Homemaker dot com].