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Miss Bella's Room

Executive Homemaker is excited to announce the newest Mom-prenuer products, Miss Bella's Room. Whitney creates all of these beautifully hand painted pieces!

Wood Wall Letters - Perfectly match your child's name to their room decor. Simply e-mail a picture or send Whitney a fabric sample.

Personalize any room with these custom, hand painted canvas initials. Each letter is painted per your instructions and is completely custom. Fabric samples, photos and links are encouraged to match your room and ideas perfectly.

Custom logo mirror to use as a fun gift for your customers as well as a memorable business card.

Each mirror is 2-1/4". The mirror is a genuine glass mirror, NOT a flimsy foil insert. I print out your logo, artwork or even family photos to create a piece of art. If you are using it as a business card, she can print your web address on the mirror as well.

Miss Bella's Room has some fabulous products! Executive Homemaker is excited to welcome Whitney as it's newest Mom-prenuer.

If you have a product you'd like us to help you sell, e-mail [laurie at Executive Homemaker dot com].