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Blue's Clues Day!

Plan a special day for your toddler or play group. Here's an example of a Blue's Clues Day.

BLUE'S CLUES Activity List:

  • Blue's Clues Play House
  • Blue's Clues Puzzles
  • Blue Stuffed Animal
  • Bubbles
  • ABC Time
  • Computer Game
  • Books
  • Handy Dandy Notebooks
  • Tape 3 paw prints to 3 items and have the kids find each one and draw them in their notebooks.* Example: Peanut Butter, Jelly, Bread = Lunch Time
  • Paw Print Electronic Game
  • Mailbox
  • ABC’s Electronic Game
  • Blue's Clues Memory & Sequencing Cards
  • “Ask a Question” Electronic Steve Game
  • NickJr.com (play Blue’s Clues Games)
  • Movie
If you don't have any of these toys or products, you can make your own. ExecutiveHomemaker.com has what you need to make your own Handy Dandy Notebook, Tickety Tock, and other games for a Blue's Clues Birthday Party.