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The Love Story

Instead of the traditional bridal shower games, try making a video of the groom and find out how much the bride and her party know about their courthship!

How to Prepare:

1. Video tape the Groom answering "The Love Story" questions.
2. Make a copy of the question sheet for each guest.

How to play:

Have everyone fill out the questionaire, even the bride. Once everyone is done, ask the bride to answer first question out loud. Then play (from video) the answer from the groom. Continue this until all the questions have been asked.

Tip: You can even video tape this part of the shower. Everyone will have such a fun time and really get into it. The bride and groom will want to watch this again on their upcoming anniversaries together.

Here are the Questions. Save Time by printing out the .pdf or .pub file on ExecutiveHomemaker.com.

“The Love Story”

1. When and where did the bride & groom first meet?
2. When was their first date and what did they do?
3. What was the groom’s first impression of the bride?
4. What was the bride’s first impression of the groom?
5. When the groom was driving home after his first date with the bride, what thought was going through his head?
6. When was their first kiss?
7. When did the groom know he wanted to marry the bride?
8. What is the couple’s most embarrassing moment?
9. What does the groom find most attractive about the bride?
10. If the groom had to pick a book title that best described the bride, what title would it be?
11. What is the bride’s nickname for the groom?
12. What kind of fruit would the groom associate the bride’s kisses with?
13. Where does the groom want to go on their honeymoon?
14. What kind of animal would the bride be in the grooms eyes?
15. How will the couple divide the housework?