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Love Letter to the Bride

These fill-in-the-blank poems can be used with food or cleaning supplies. When the game is over give these items to your bride! What a great way to help the new couple stock up on necessities for their home.

1. “Love Letter to the Bride” (From the Groom)

Fill in the blanks using the names of all types of cleaning supplies. Print out this letter on ExecutiveHomemaker.com

My Darling,

Before we met, I was a lonely guy, going Celo. Then, something Fantastic happened. and like a ray of Sunlight, you came into my life. I knew right away that it was the beginning of a new Era. I had nothing to lose and everything to Gain; I decided to be bold, and boy am I Glad I did! Today, there is Joy in my heart. Because of you, I want to Cheer and Shout! “Great Scott! What a lucky guy I am!”

Dearest, I can’t wait until we pledge our love, a love stronger than the Tide, to one another for all time. Then I’ll Wisk you away to a beautiful Future. I’ll be your all night dynamo; I’ll Snuggle with you until Dawn... what ever you desire..

All my love forever,
Your Groom

2. “Letter to the Bride” (From the Bridal Party)

Fill in the blanks using mostly cleaning products and health products. Print out this letter on ExecutiveHomemaker.com

Dear "Sweetie",

It is only fair that we let you in on a little Secret. Your Groom may be Fantastic but wait until you find out that he is not Mr. Clean. He'll expect you to be a Dynamo in the kitchen and he thinks all women should Mop & Glow. At night he'll wake you up at Dawn to Snuggle up close. We all Agree that you both will have a very happy Life together. Our wish for you is that your home be filled with Joy and you remain as happy as ever in the Future.

All our love,
Your Bridal Party