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Submitted Tip from Karen

I want to thank Karen at Family Briefs.com for submitting this tip, Down the Drain.

You can read her entire post, which is really funny here.

"I got their bathroom all spic ‘n span and was quite proud of myself for completing the task so quickly.The next morning, do you know what I found???? Dried toothpaste in the sink!!!!! And, of course, no one would confess to leaving the mess behind!!! I was so discouraged to find dried toothpaste all over the mirror faucet floor sink, I thought I might list the munchkins on ebay (I’d only have to be a little dishonest about their housekeeping habits).

I began encouraging my kids to “shoot the target” (aim their spit at the drain), and their competitive nature takes it from there! By spitting directly on the drain, you’d be amazed (as I’m sure they are) how quickly and easily the toothpaste is rinsed away by just turning on the water. In fact, by filling their little rinse cups, they almost “accidentally” rinse the sink out - they don’t think it’s any extra work at all."

Thanks again, Karen at Family Briefs.com for submitting this tip. I have the same ongoing problem and will definitely be using it.