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How to Start a Dinner Club

We have had so much fun the past 6 months going out to different restaurants with our dinner club. It's so easy to start one of your own! Click here to print out some guidelines.

First, decide if you're going to go out to dinner or take turns preparing the meal. We decided that we would go out for dinner and kids were not invited (infants are ok).

Next, decide how many couples you'll invite to attend. It's easier to seat a party of 8 (4 couples) than it is a party with more than that, so keep that in mind. We have a big group of friends that get together regularly, so we split the group into two different groups with 5 couples in each group. It's a little complicated but we rotated two couples each month so the groups would be different every time.

When will you meet? We decided to meet on the 4th Saturday of every month at the restaurant.

Our objective was to surround ourselves with friends, try new restaurants, have fun, and enjoy adult conversation. Click here to view and print all of the guidelines. Happy Eating!!