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Tip Junkie Giveaway!

Here are the guidelines:

1. Announce this on your blog with a link back here. Post the picture to receive multiple entries.

2. Refer your friends to Tip Junkie and have them leave a comment on this post with their name and your name and you’ll both get a chance to win!

3. The lucky winner AND the person who referred them will receive a Classic Shirt from Layers. There’s 10 colors to choose from!

4. There’s not a limit on how many times you enter, as long as your referral "friend" is someone different. Please note: You have to have a referral blog to enter this contest.

5. Contest winners will be drawn on Saturday, July 28th! Click here to view all the Layers products on ExecutiveHomemaker.com!

Add the Tip Junkie Giveaway blog button to your blog! It's easy!

If you're blogging on Blogger.com, simply add a New Page Element > HTML/JavaScript.

...then copy and paste the following code:

That's it! The winners will be annouced on July 28th!